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Conservative Law Professor Busted for Drinking and Idling

Conservative Law Professor Who Sued School Busted For Drinking And Idling

Virginia DUI Attorney Richard Trey Mattox III comments on the article:

“The distance driven is irrelevant to guilt or innocence for a DUI charge.  In fact, much less is required in Virginia.  The DUI statute, Virginia Code § 18.2-266, only requires the operation of a vehicle.  The term operate has been loosely interpreted by the Supreme Court of Virginia to include “manipulating the mechanical or electrical equipment of the vehicle without actually putting the car in motion.”  Stevenson v. City of Falls Church, 243 Va. 434, 437, 416 S.E.2d 435, 437 (1992) (quoting Webster’s Third New International Dictionary 1581 (1986)).  Therefore, you don’t even have to turn the engine on to be convicted of DUI in Virginia.  Simply turning the key to the accessory position in order to listen to the radio would be sufficient for a conviction.”

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